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Trijicon SRO Battery
Trijicon SRO Battery Tool

OK…so let’s get the first thing out of the way: yes, I need to clean my gun. 

Now that we have dispensed with the pleasantries, let’s discuss the SRO battery tool pictured above. Yes, I bought one. With all the construction going on around here, I don’t have as easy access to “secured areas”. Read into that what you will.

And with that limitation, all of the normal tools are also not handy. So a few days ago, I found myself in a truck, trying to open a SRO battery cover with a multitool (didn’t work). Before that I had tried some coins. Penny then a dime I think (didn’t work). 

So the thought occurred to me: does Trijicon have a tool to make easy work of these covers and the odd angle they present? Some short internet searching reveals this thing. 

No matter how goofy or cheap it looks online, I am here to tell you that it absolutely works. When the new armories get built, we will have one of these at each location. 






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