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Is This Even Rifle Shooting Anymore? 

4344 Yard Rifle Shot record.
Is this even rifle shooting anymore?

Commentary time. We have seen this kind of stuff for years. And if I was an accomplished 1 mile or 2 mile shooter, I guess maybe this would interest me as the next challenge to achieve. 

Maybe? But right now looking at this I suffer pangs of indifference. 

Is this even marksmanship anymore?
The shooter: Josh Silby with his 4344 yard shot.

I don’t know if that feeling is born out of such lack of skill, I can’t fathom doing it? Or if it’s so much of one thing, it just becomes something else. 

Best example I can give is imagine flying a Cessna airplane then working your way up to flying F-16 jets. To then move on to flying the Space Shuttle. At that point, is the space shuttle really “flying” anymore? To me it’s not. Others more qualified, especially shuttle pilots, will surely disagree. 

Is this even marksmanship anymore?
Look at this pic of “the rifle” and the one above. Is this a rifle or a cannon? Is this man portable? Can someone even carry it 100 yards? Hell! Even hold it in his hands for 15 minutes?

No kidding, no fooling: Flying a crop duster seems way more interesting, challenging and fun than flying the Space Shuttle. To me this very, very, very ELR stuff are just dudes in orbit doing something completely different and alien to what I think shooting is. 

Is this even marksmanship anymore?
Specs on the rifle. Is this a rifle or a cannon?

Do our readers, and my peers agree? Does anyone even care at this point about this stuff? Or should it be moved to the American howitzer & cannon club? 




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