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Tisas Raider 1911 – 9mm

Tias Raider 1911 - 9mm
Tias Raider 1911 - 9mm

I have expressed some pretty pushy opinions about Tisas 1911s in the past. Specifically I have harped on price. In short, it seems like they provided good value; but have ever so slowly crept up in price. Negating that calculus. 

But recently something Tisas offers caught my eye. It’s kind of a fantasy pistol if you will. But it seems they are making a 9mm variant of their USMC M45a1 clone. 

Tias Raider 1911 - 9mm
The USMC M45a1 – Choose this image since the female shooter doesn’t covering up much of the gun. Hate on her, not me. 😉 —Marky

Now THAT is interesting…to me. I am not totally against the 45ACP cartridge, it’s just that we live in a 9mm world. So working guns are best served up in the caliber of the times. Should the DOD switch to 30SC or back to 45, then guess what. We all will migrate back over to 45. 

But now, in April of 2024, the days of me shooting 45 as a primary caliber are over. Sure…the Armory still holds my old 45 caliber 1911 work gun, it’s backup. And a WWI 1911 that looks like it’s been though every Godzilla movie since MacArthur was running Japan. 

These along with some miscellaneous Glocks and revolvers are more than enough 45ACP to shoot the rest of my life. So I have zero interest in owing anymore 45ACP 1911s. Tisas grade or otherwise.

But a clone of the USMC M45a1 in 9mm? Something that is easily fed, can be used to shoot 1911 drills, has a 1913 rail, and isn’t offered by other makers. For under $600. Hmmm….I might have to pick one of these up. 

Pics of the original M45a1 I passed on. Click Here

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