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Ed Brown A3 Tactical – Overview

Ed Brown A3 Tactical
Ed Brown 704 Bolt Action Rifle.

Kraken drove in from Nebraska and brought one of his latest acquisitions: An Ed Brown A3 Tactical chambered in 300wm. This  rifle uses Ed Brown’s 704 action. 

I have been very curious about these guns for going on 30 years and have never had a chance to even see one in person. So when Kraken offered one up, I jumped at the chance. 

The 704 is a double claw, controlled feed action that uses a 3 position safety much like a Winchester 70. Personally, this is my absolute favorite format on a turn bolt rifle. 

Special note: Ed offered two versions of his actions. The 704  being controlled feed and the 702 as a push feed. Some folks use 702 & 704 interchangeably, which is a mistake. They are not the same.

Stay tuned as we shoot this Ed Brown rifle over the next couple of months. 






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