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EP-344: The Commies Get Their Wish…Kinda

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 344 of the John1911 Podcast is now live.   Secret Service Conspiracy Theories. How Snipers Work. Was Reagan the last serious attempt on a...

EP-343: Donald Trump Shot

John1911 Podcast
Episode 343: Donald Trump Shot.   What we know vs what we think we know.       Regards, Marky John1911.com

EP-342: It’s Not Going to Lick Itself

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 342 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   SIG loses in court. The Ranger Band Defense The importance of fit in firearm selection. ...

Missing or Stolen CMP 1911’s

Missing or Stolen CMP 1911 pistols.
Missing or Stolen CMP 1911’s ANNISTON, Ala. (WBMA) — The Army Criminal Investigation Division is offering a reward for information leading to the recovery of...

EP-341: Back From Navy Leave

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 341 of the John1911 podcats is live. Been away for a month getting the new range building ready, but now I think we...

EP-340: Range & Gun Updates

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 340 is now live.   First pod from the range. Audio test. Tisas Raider 1911 is back. Switching my CCW gun. Youtube proves me...

EP-339: The Glocko Taco Truck

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 339 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   Don't touch my hay! Staccato 2011's drop safe? Will SCOTUS save bump stocks after all? ...

EP-338: “I’m A 4-Inch Guy”

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 338 of the John1911 podcast is now live.   A first from the new John1911 Range building.   Dodging Tornados. Colt Python Impresses. Best Revolver Speedloader. ...

EP-337: Catch And Release To The Grease

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 337 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   Kraken fishing trip. Tisas still in limbo. Colt M16a2. US Army looking for ELR rifle. ...

EP-336: We Are Back, Baby!

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 336 is now live:   We are back! Tisas breaks at zero rounds. Wilson drops the EDC X9. Springfield M16A2 clone. Deal on a...

EP-335: Legs Tall & Alcohol

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 335 of the John1911 podcast is now live:   The sky is falling. University of Nebraska DUI drama. Pete Rose exucsed by MLB? The...

EP-334 – Mr. Mirrored Ceiling

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 334 of the John1911 podcast:   Chicago sues Glock over auto switches. Another Bill Clinton death for the books. Mitch McConnell Sister-in-law death. Nobody...

POTD – EDC X9 – White Grips

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This is “another” X9 that has white grips. In this case, it belongs to David S. The...

EP-333: Barns & Bump Stocks

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 333 of the John1911 podcast is now live.   Barn build updates. Baby goats. Kraken baits me on Pete Rose. Thinking about AR-9 pistols. ...

EP-332: Acorns & Anti-Ship Missiles

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 332 of the John1911 podcast is now live:   -Those are some strange looking dogs. -Gun Guys vs Fan Bois. -Freddy Kruger Valentine. -Political...