Friday, July 1, 2022
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Ep-247: My Thoughts on Ukraine. 

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 247 of the John1911 Podcast. My thoughts on Ukraine.     Marky "Shooting Guns & Having Fun"

EP-246: Freezing Your Junk Off

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 246 of the John1911 Podcast: Russia Invades Ukraine. Will Wolf Ammo Disappear? We Used To Buy Out Of Ukraine. The Larry Vickers 1911...

EP-245: The Anaconda People

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 245 of the John1911 Podcast is now live: Putin yacht flees Germany. The Golden AK hit. Russian athlete takes what?! American Yellow Journalism. ...

EP-244: Joe Rogan Sticks It Everywhere

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 244 of the John1911 Podcast. Solo Episode. The real Joe Rogan story. Why I never liked Spotify. Missed a HK P7.   Marky "Shooting Guns &...

EP-243: He Ate It at 130MPH

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 243 of the John1911 Podcast: Vickers 1911 guides are impressive. Barnaul Subsonic Ammo. DSA Sniper FAL Rifle. M2 Browning Semi-Auto. Crime up, Dems...

Rant – Federalizing Elections

John1911 Podcast
Podcast rant. Why the argument about federalizing the elections is not real.    Marky "Shooting Guns & Having Fun"

EP-242: SHOT Show 2022

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 242 of the John1911 Podcast is now live: Croatian VHS Bull-pup. Canadian Service Pistol Drama. Is 2022 the year of the Hi-Power? FN-249s...

EP-241: Coefficient of Drag Queen

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 241 of the John1911 Podcast:   Joe Rogan - The most trusted name in news? The DARPA document dump. AimPoint Duty RDS. Who is...

Properly Kitted FRF2 

Properly kitted French FRF2 Sniper Rifle.
Properly Kitted FRF2  A friend and MILSURP collector sent us a photo of his FRF2 rifle with factory correct scope & base. He has been...

EP-240: That’s a Lot of Baby Oil

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 240 of the John1911 podcast. The Epstein girl check size made public. $93k for a F-150?! Wilson Combat buys Lehigh Defense. 6th Circuit:...

EP-239: Show Me On The Doll Where They Hurt You

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 239 of the John1911 Podcast is now live! Last pod of 2021 and we have the band back together!   Political updates. Ghislaine Maxwell...

POTD – Colt Delta Elite

When Russell sent over pics of his 10mm 1911, he wanted to know what I thought? Truth is my mouth was watering.  I have never...

EP-238: He Went Around The Horn

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 238 of the John1911 podcast: Danny returns! She don’t move like no rookie. Anti-Cop Dems get robbed. BATFE switches to E-forms. The Daunte...

EP-236: EOD – A Bomb In The Butt!

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 236 of the John1911 Podcast:   Ventrac Mini-Tractors. Podcast Feedback. Bernardelli Slide-Stop Peccadillo. Luxury Liberal Beliefs. Russia moving on Ukraine? 700,000 Back Friday NICS...

EP-235: Getting Drilled in Space

The John1911 Podcast
Episode 235 of the John1911 podcast: Justice for Juicy. Pointing guns doesn’t usually get compliance. The Wisconsin Xmas terror attack. Epstein / Maxwell Trial. ...