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Does Brass Hit The SRO?

Does Brass Hit the SRO - EDC X9L
Does Brass Hit the SRO - EDC X9L

A viewer was looking at some images we posted of the SRO a top the EDC X9L. The SRO attached shows some wear on one of the front bezel’s.

He asked is that was from brass hitting the optic? 

My initial reaction was no. I had never perceived any brass bouncing off the glass or SRO housing under use. I have always thought that was carry / holster wear. 

Slow motion video of the shooting cycle seems to validate my theory. I am not seeing any brass come into contact the SRO. There are or two pieces of brass that get knocked forward on camera. 

If you look closely, that is from the slide knocking the brass forward. I attribute that to the lower quality of the ammunition. Like many of you, we are impacted by the national ammo shortage. 

John1911 is still able to maintain it’s shooting volume, but we have resorted to using what we call a tier-2 supplier. 






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