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Benefits of a Sandbag with Rifles

Little Rear-bag / Sandbag.

This is a little trick I picked up quite a while ago. I always have 2 little “sandbags” with me when I am doing precision rifle work. Doesn’t matter if I am hunting pigs in Texas. Deer in the Midwest. Or shooting 1000 yards from one ridge to the next with a “tactical” rifle. These two sandbags are present.

You can see the second bag on the left. Pic taken inside elevated blind hunting Texas Pig. I shot a 230lb boar shortly after this was taken.

It’s just their name that changes. On the previous video shooting 1000 yards with a Blaser Tactical 2, they are seen as, “rear bags”. On the hunting rifle, they are referred to as, “sandbags”. Same-same. Literally…they are the same two bags.

Where they come in handy is if I am hunting from a blind. One thing that can blow your cover in a hunting blind, is scraping your rifle on a window-port getting ready for a shot. So having these two little bags is good insurance against that.

Soft Padded sling. Doesn’t make any noise when pushed across a window. And the added benefit of not sliding off shoulders like some military style slings.

What also doesn’t hurt is to find a padded or soft rifle sling. I guess I should be extra clear here. Not all padded slings are equal in this application. The more durable and rigid military slings don’t always work well. Perhaps they are too stiff? Perhaps they have too many hard plastic buckles (Tri-glides) that bang on stuff? And in some cases, the coarseness and texture of the sling material itself, while war-time tough, make way too much noise when sliding out a gun-port?

Ready to go. Sling pulled against bottom of rifle. Bag at the ready.

Ask me how I know?

Yes, I am aware there are some professionally made rear bags that can serve in the same role. I just personally find them too limiting for fieldwork and too clunky to hike with. Two smaller bags gives me options. Your experiences may vary.

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