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My Best 1000 Yard Group Doesn’t Count

5 Shot Group. 18" plate. 1000 yards. 308 Blaser Tactical 2.

Now to answer the next logical question: Why?

The reasoning is simple. Around here, a 3 shot group is a liar’s group. Only 5 shot groups count. No exceptions.

The rifle: Blaser Tactical 2 Caliber 308.
Ammunition: 175g ASYM Ammunition 308.
Range: 1000 yards.
Rounds Fired: 6

The view from 1000 yard target to the shooting position. That’s 10 football fields away.

Situation. Rifle holds 5 rounds. First round trying to dope wind is a wide miss. Lands near right target stand leg. See splash and spotter makes a wind call to hold off to the left.

Next round impacts on the black spray-painted dot. Spotter reacts with a, “woah!”.

Up close of the 5 shot group. See #5 down at 630? 18″ Steel plate target.

Next 2 rounds impact next to first in descending order you can see on target. I then ask the spotter, “What do you call 3 round groups around here? We call them liar’s groups. I’m going for 5.” And then I warn him, “I only have 1 round left”.

Distance from Shooting position to 1000 yard target. You can just barely see the white plate.

He responds, “We’ll deal with it when it comes”.

Next shot. Impact. Right next to the 3 previous in descending order. And it is here where I screwed up. As predicted, I broke position to retrieve the 5th round. And instead of taking my time and rebuilding it properly and getting the result I wanted, I rushed the shot. Why? I had this mental thing in my head that the 5th shot needed to happen immediately.

Along the road, we had steel at 500, 600, 700 yards. The 500 plate was knocked down.

So…I didn’t rebuild my position properly and Gank’ed it. You can see the impact at 6:30 just on the edge of the plate.

Impact. But the entire group just opened up to nothing special. For those interested, that plate is 18” wide. I will never forget that 5th shot. And I will never make that mistake again. How much time did I “save” by rushing that shot? It seemed like an eternity. It always does. In truth? Maybe 2 seconds.

5 Shot Group. 18″ plate. 1000 yards. 308 Blaser Tactical 2.

They say it’s the shots you miss that you never forget. Check back in 20 years. I suspect they are right.

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