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Stopping Power is Bullshit

The Kevin Costlow shooting.
Stopping power is bullshit.

Once again we see video proof of something most handgun owners simply choose to ignore. I don’t know if it’s because of Hollywood films or marketing by the firearms industry. 

But consider a few random points. 

  • Caliber 40 S&W 
  • Range is almost zero. 
  • Ammo is certainly HP. 
  • Rounds fired, 12. 
  • Rounds connected, 12.
  • Perp: Kevin Costlow, 52. 
  • Perp background: high-end IT security. 

The next question the inexperienced will ask is something about the perp being on dope. Sure, it’s possible. But not necessarily. So what super-dope does the coroner have to find in this guy’s system for you to excuse what happened as fluke? PCP? Coke? Speed? Anti-Depressants? Tylenol? 

So the next question most will fall back on is something about how “this guy” was crazy. “This guy” being a stand-in for the word unicorn or anomaly.  So? The world is full of crazy people. Lots of them. Remember that the next time you read the comment section on just about ANY major social media platform. You can literally detect hundreds of them if not a thousand.

Final random point: Every organization on the planet who’s job description involves the expectation of shooting people…carry rifles. 

All handguns suck. Yes…even your [insert bullshit name here].






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