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FN FAL in Iraq

FN FAL in Iraq
FN FAL in Iraq.

A reader from Iraq reached out and wanted some advice. His personal weapon is an honest to goodness FN made FAL. But he wishes to have a more modern version.

FN FAL in Iraq
Left side of FAL. Personal weapon in Iraq.

In particular, he found DSA’s website and was looking at their FALs with 1913 rails and folding stock options. Specifically I think he wanted a shorter barrel and a red dot. All legit moves actually.

FN FAL in Iraq
Right side FN FAL in Iraq.

But…I was super curious what his current personal FAL looked like? So included here are the photos. Some of you FAL fans might be drooling. He was real. His gun was real. And his request was real.

My advice to him was to take his FAL to a local metal worker and have it modified. Either that or order FAL parts on the internet and just swap them out. Because there was probably zero chance DSA was going to sell him an actual firearm.

Seemed like a nice enough guy. But he’s in a tough spot on this. I can’t get Russian guns imported here. And he can’t get American DSA guns imported to Iraq.

At least not through me.




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