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Painting Blaser R8

camouflage Blaser R8 rifle
Painting Blaser R8.

As promised earlier, you will be seeing more precision rifle content in 2021. A long term project that I had put off last year was the overwhelming need to paint the Blaser R8. 

Why? Simple. Very few things stick out in nature more than black. It’s actually a terrible color, target indicator wise. Look into a tree line or field, and black attracts the eye like a beacon. 

The solution? Spray paint. Yes. I understand how much this rifle costs as it sits here. But spray paint is readily available, easy to apply, easy to remove, so inexpensive as to be virtually free; and the user doesn’t lose use of the weapon for many days or possibly weeks. 

That final point is the most important. I have seen quite a few “paycheck-work-guns” in may day. And if they were camouflaged, it was 99% done with spray paint. In law enforcement…that is what they call a clue. 






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