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Sig P320 X-Carry

Like many of you, I am curious about the P320s since they were picked up as the service pistol by the US Military. Beyond that, I haven’t payed them too much mind. Haven’t even shot a 320 as of this writing. As for why? There are so many variants, I haven’t really found the time to deep dive on a model of gun I’m not even that invested in. 

Sig P320 X-Carry

But I have come across a potential example that might change that. I stress, “potential” and I repeat, “might”. 

While traveling a few months back, I happened to stop in the kind of gun store I tend to overlook. Specifically the chain retail FFLs that all carry the same, new and shiny, product SKU’s. But this one in particular had something I hadn’t seen before: the SIG P320 X-Carry. It’s a very, very interesting pistol and I think possibly the best P320 currently offered. 

Specs as I remember them:

  • Full sized frame.
  • Carry / Short sized slide. 
  • 17 round mags 9mm.
  • Light and crisp trigger. 
  • Flat faced trigger.
  • Ledge Night Sights.
  • Aggressive texturing.
  • Small, effective beavertail.

Let me zero in on that last part. That beavertail is critical. It allows the shooter to choke-up very high on the pistol. That in combination with the aggressive texturing and solid trigger is a home-run. I even compared the grip to a standard 320 and the difference was night and day. This is a very well thought out pistol and was likely spec’d out by someone who is an accomplished shooter. 

Sig P320 X-Carry

The 800lb gorilla in this conversation: The SIG P320 trigger / drop issue. If you have a question, I don’t have an answer. Is this trigger drop safe? Is it an upgrade? Don’t know. Personally I don’t care. I expect a dropped pistol to not ND when dropped by accident. Conversely, I expect a pistol to fire if you hit it with a hammer. 

Sig P320 X-Carry

If it’s drop safe, it’s good to go. If it’s not, pass. 100 opinions about ball-peen hammers and weapons firing are lost on me. Why? I have been in fist fights while armed. And I have hit people with loaded weapons while in fights. People who no experience in such endeavors don’t have any credibility when it comes to weapons hitting the deck. 

Sorry. Not sorry. 





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