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SHS 22 – Winchester 88 in Caliber 284

Second Hand Showcase 22 - Winchester 88 in Caliber 284

What we have here is a somewhat rare and desirable rifle. The Winchester Model 88 lever gun. Chambered in 284 Winchester. It is my understanding that it is the caliber that makes this variant uncommon, thus desirable. 

My impressions? It is a very lightweight, quick handling, and fast cycling lever gun. I would think this thing is a beast during deer season. It’s not a cheap rifle, but I am told what hurts the value with the collectors is the presence of an aftermarket butt-pad. 

I guess. Seems fine to me. 


  • Winchester 88
  • Caliber 284 Winchester
  • Made in 1963
  • Comes with ammo and brass.
  • Buck-horn rear sight. 
  • Bead and hood front sight. 
  • Leather sling. 

If you wish to know more about this rifle, click this link to contact the FFL directly:







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