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Not as angelic as she looks.

Are you a dog or a cat person?  It is an easy answer for me since I am allergic to cats. I don’t mean itchy eye allergic, I mean call the squad, graveyard dead allergic.

Kraken’s Dogs
Interrupting Ellie’s beauty sleep.

With that being said, I have had dogs since I was in short pants. I currently have five dogs and all have a special place in my heart. I have a 6 pound Min Pin who is the matriarch of the pack. She is bitchy, cranky, and spoiled as old women are want to be.  I have a chocolate Rat Terrier. She is 8 pounds going on 80 and has a huge attitude.   Next is my Brittany. He is all muscle and thinks he is the most interesting dog in the world.

Now we get to the youngest and oldest of the pack. Both are Belgian Malinois.  These are also known as “Tornado Kangaroos with Teeth”.  Maligators are popular right now but are a special breed that probably only belong in about 10% of homes. A mal is extremely high speed and low drag. If they are not sleeping, they are probably plotting evil. They become extremely attached to their humans and often do not do very well away from their pack. Stories of mals destroying a crate while left alone are common. They are highly intelligent and sometimes too intelligent for their own good. They are incredible physical specimens and can do things that seem impossible.

Having worked in K9 programs, I was very familiar with the breed. We got Argus aka The Old Man in 2010. He was raised with two small dogs and was very sociable with other dogs. I trained him myself but did not train him in bite work. When raised properly, bite work if needed comes naturally as he is quite protective. My neighbor learned this the hard way. He was rough housing his 6 year old son in the driveway. Argus saw this as one of his extended pack being in danger. I got Argus to “plotz” about three feet from my neighbor and all was good. Argus then was released and got ear scratches from my neighbor and “Bubba”.  I think my neighbors were sadder when Argus moved than when I did.

While Argus is the traditional tan and black face. The youngest in the pack is a black phase mal named Arya(Game of Thrones geeks will get it). There has probably never been a more perfectly named dog ever. Arya is high speed and very independent. She is also too smart for her own good.  Arya will lay on the floor to play with the rat terrier and wrestle with Brittany to the point we worry about broken windows. Arya likes to protect us from evil entities such as snow shovels, brooms, and lawnmowers. She is strong enough to bite the front tire of the riding lawnmower and pull it off course before it hurts my wife who is driving it. Today she decided to save us from the snow shovel. She can actually yank it out of our hands. The more we scold her, the more convinced she is saving us. This maligator will probably be the death of me but I wouldn’t trade any of my dogs for anything. However, if anyone is ever thinking of getting a mal, do your homework. They are not a dog for everyone.  Random pics of Maggie, Ellie, Brinn, Argus, and Arya.

Kraken’s Dogs
If you are ever wondering what a Maligator is thinking.






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