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Laying out of Blaser R8 Calibers

Blaser R8 Multi-caliber rifle

This post is in response to a very direct question I received about the Blaser R8 system. Specifically the caliber change feature. The sender wanted to know two things. One, how does the caliber change work? And two, will the rifle accept, “match barrels”? This last question can put the reader in the trick bag so I must tread carefully.

Notice the fluted match barrel and pencil barrel on the same rifle.

In these photos you will see a wide variety of barrels that fit on this rifle. A semi-weight in 270wby. A semi-weight in 223. A semi-weight in 308. A heavy-weight, fluted, “Match-weight” barrel in 243. And a, “Safari-Weight” barrel in 300WM with open iron sights.

Notice the options. Open iron sights, threaded barrel, sling swivel options.

Now for the trick-bag. Blaser barrels are all made to the same “match” standard as it is commonly used in the precision rifle circles. Blaser denotes barrel profile as semi, standard, match, safari. And as long as your for-end channel is opened enough to accept the profile, your rifle can shoot that barrel. Pencil weight to bull-barrel.

And for those asking, yes there are 3rd party vendors who make Blaser barrels but that is a conversation for another time.



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