AR70 Magazine Fix

It’s been a while since I discussed the Beretta AR70 (AR-70 — AR/70 — AR70) rifle. It’s a pretty cool gun from a different time. All stamped metal and not too dissimilar from the SIG550.

And just like the SIG, it takes it’s own proprietary rocker-lock magazines.

When we acquired the rifle it came with one factory magazine that has a blue type of finish. We have been on the hunt for more and the only ones we have seen on the secondary market are New Old Stock (NOS) factory refurbished mags with a parkerized finish. Which all things being equal, I’ll take a park over a blue any day of the week.

But one of the mags we have seems to have a little resistance in the top 3rd of the body. It’s either a little corrosion or maybe a high-spot in the re-park job? So apart they come for a quick scrub down and clean out.

Beretta AR70 rifle. 2 factory refurb mags and one factory original blue. The parked finished is obvious.

Keep an eye out for the Beretta AR70 in future videos.



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