Truck Gun Glamor Shots – PTR-91 Retires

I have hinted around about this for a few weeks and in some private messages. After careful consideration I have decided to pull the PTR from truck-gun duty and check it back into the armory. It will then be checked out on a per-project basis.

Why am I doing this?

The answer is really simple, we have been in the process of building a new range since late September. And what I have discovered is…generally…I have more need for a 5.56 rifle during the process than a 308.

PTR-91 GI. A professional photographer took these.

Typically the PTR rides with 60 rounds of ball ammo loaded and ready to go. But when I am testing some new targets or wanting to shoot some drills, usually unplanned, the truck-gun gets pressed into that role. And a 308 caliber roller-locked gun isn’t the most practical rifle to use in that capacity. Even doubly so with that very un-shooter-friendly telescoping stock!

So…when the cheap RDS on it finally died a few months back, it gave me a chance to take stock of where priorities are these days. This really came into focus this last time I was cutting shooting lanes and wanted to shoot some steel. I had 60 rounds for the truck gun on board. About 600 rounds of 5.56 wolf ammo in the truck. And no 5.56 caliber weapons in sight.

It seems photographers like to take photos of guns. So what the hell. Maybe my guns will become famous, get discovered by Elite Model Management, and open all the designer shows at next years NY Fashion week? Hell! Next year, it is a shoe-in that the Kardashians will make the PTR the “in” Truck-gun and start driving around Hollywood with HK91’s in their G-Wagons!  Just need to figure out how I make some from this. Still working on that part…

My point? There is always gobs of 5.56 ammo around. It would be good to know there is always a 5.56 rifle nearby. Either shooting whatever ammo it is loaded with. Or having the option to dip into the 5.56 target ammo that always seems to be back there.

So…what 5.56 rifle will I use as the new truck-gun? That has the same level of reliability when neglected? And is also compact enough to fit into a tennis bag?

You’ll just have to wait and see.


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