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Purple Rain Lancer A5 Magazine.
Purple Rain Lancer A5 Magazine.

Those of you who know me are aware that I am tired of black guns, black mags, black holsters, black everything. The world has been awash with “tactical black” for going on 3 decades. 

And when looking at an armory full of that gear, it’s all just a big jumble of dark. 

The things that stick out are FDE, green and fun colors. So when I saw Lancer is doing crayon mags, I figured it was time to give the brand a try. If for nothing else, the change of scenery. 

Lancer L5 AWM
Smoke vs purple. I’m sure Prince asked himself this same question before every show. 😉

Shown here are some Lancer L5 AWM purple and smoke colored mags. I would have ordered red, but obviously too many people are as tired of black as I am. Read that as, “Red – Out of Stock”. 

The Lancer seems to be well regarded in general and are pretty interesting when compared to things such brands like MagPul. The Lancers are translucent for easy capacity monitoring, polymer bodies and…metal feed lips. In theory these should be a win-win-win for us. 

Special thanks to Chris S. for the fantastic thumbnail!






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