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SIG 551: Swiss Bayonet Lug

SIG 55x Swiss Bayonet Lug
Swiss Bayonet and Swiss Bayonet Lug.

OK. I haven’t been keeping the website up to date on the SIG 551A1 work. Frankly I have been swamped with range maintenance and a special project at Porsche. But I digress. 

Long story very short: We bought this 551A1 years ago with multiple accessories. Including a Swiss bayonet. However…the 551 doesn’t have a bayonet lug installed. It has the receiver hole for one, but it’s empty. 

But here’s the problem. There are a ton of 550 lugs that accept the NATO bayonet. But no Swiss lugs to be found. At least in the United States. So..off to Switzerland we go! 

There is a fantastic firearm website in Switzerland called Gun Factory (www.gunfactory.ch). They stock more 550 accessories than you can shake a stick at. Including…honest to goodness Swiss bayonet lugs. 

Best part? They had it here in a week. I have Amazon orders that don’t show up that fast! 






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