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Features I Want in a 1911

How to spec a 1911.
1911 Features I Want

It’s a common question around here. Would I buy X gun? What do I think of Y gun? Is Z gun worth it?

I can’t answer these questions through your eyes, but I can tell you what I look for in a 1911 today. In 2021. And why specify 2021? Well…in 2022, that might change. In 2025 there could be some major development in 1911s and it’s omission in 2040 gets criticized by future viewers. 

But the 1911 is 100 years old you say? It doesn’t really change. Uh huh. Just look at the 1911 market in 1990 and compare it to 2020. The pistols from these 2 eras might as well be form completely different planets. There have been HUGE strides and changes in the market since then: quality, options, formats, calibers, sights, springs, capacity, etc. 

None of us are Nostradamus.

So in summation: In 2021 I cannot guess what my future self will want in a 1911 as we fight the space-bugs on Mars. This video is good for today, and today only. Hopefully you feel me. 






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