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Spot the steel on the rifle range.
Spot the 10” diamond steel on the rifle range.

So let me expand on this topic to illuminate points for the reader. The target is something that does not occur in nature. A diamond shaped, flat, symmetrical, 10” object, that is painted white. In the Midwest, that might as well be a purple squirrel. 

The goal is for shooters to find, fix, engage, and correct as needed on targets like this. When punching through foliage they need to take into account such things as bullet weight, bullet deflection, shadows and what I call the “natural oscillating movement” of life outside the concrete jungle. 

Spot the steel on the rifle range.
Where the steel is. 10” diamond.

You want to know the hardest part shooters have with these kinds of targets? Simply finding them! You can’t engage what you can’t see. Additionally, even knowing where the target is with the naked eye, doesn’t help the shooter much when putting reticles on testicles. The view through the glass is a different universe. 

Keep this in mind when considering camouflage in general, or the latest Gucci patterns. The color white isn’t as bad as you may think. And jet black can pop brightly during daylight hours. It’s the rattle can patterns and earth tones in between that actually win the game here. 

Sundry points:

  • These pics were taken between 15 and 75 yards.
  • The last two pics are still zoomed in a little. 
  • Shooters have to engage this target at about 225 yards. 
  • We have other targets where shooters have to punch through as much as 15 yards of brush and trees to connect. 
  • Bullets in the 150-200g range dominate this game.
  • Bullets around 100ish grains on down start to present unique challenges for the shooter and spotter. 

Plan accordingly. 






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