Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Mayer began his outdoor industry career in 1993 on the NRA Technical Staff where he became American Rifleman magazine first Shooting Editor. Mayer left NRA and entered the business end of publishing in 2003 as Advertising Account Executive for Safari Club International SAFARI Magazine and Safari Times newspaper. In 2006, Mayer was named Publisher of Shooting Times magazine where he was also tasked with launching and leading Personal Defense TV, the first television show of its kind. In 2008, Mayer returned to the editorial side of publishing, this time in the digital field, as Editorial Director for Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, Handguns and Rifleshooter online magazines. After a brief stint in 2011 as the Digital Media Director for an ABC TV affiliate, Mayer returned to the outdoors industry and Safari Club International where he is currently Assistant Publisher and Multi-Media Communications Editor.

CMMG Banshee & DefCan

The new one in my armory. 45 ACP SBR with can. Just a loaner, but fun as hell! One of my has the...

Cartridges Before There Were Cartridges

One of the early attempts at self-contained cartridges for repeating firearms was the Volcanic cartridge. The Volcanic cartridge is a conical lead bullet much...

Gas Rings Seal Test

There are three gas rings as part of your AR bolt and they function a lot like the piston rings in your car’s engine....

Suppressor Alignment

Through its S.I.D. kiosks, Silencer Shop has made buying a suppressor as easy as ordering a hamburger at a fast food restaurant. Once you...

Minigun Shoot

Sometimes Scott Mayer just sends me random stuff that he's doing. From the looks of it, he seems to be hanging around some Mini-Guns....

Bore Cleaning

Would you believe me if I told you that there’s a good chance you’ve been cleaning your rifle’s bore wrong? “Wrong” might be too...

Don’t Be “Suppressed!”

I just got word from friends over at Silencerco that the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) was reintroduced to the House of Representatives this past...

Building A “Ghost Gun”

A so-called 80-percent receiver is an AR-15 lower receiver that is 80-percent finished. Depending on the material and the manufacturer, you can finish them...

Art and War

This really does look like some kind of modern art or maybe something your neighbor welded together in his backyard to make a little...


Grenades fascinate me because it’s the technological advancement of going from throwing a rock and hitting your enemy, to hitting your enemy with a...

The SRM Arms Model 1216

I came across a pretty radical new shotgun while at the wholesaler show last week. The SRM Arms Model 1216 is an American-made, semi-automatic,...

Pointed Bullets and Tubular Magazines

“Don’t use pointed bullets in tubular magazines!” We’ve all heard that warning. The reason is because the cartridges are in-line, and the point of...

Goofy Stocks of the Past

Recently while browsing a Rock Island Auction online catalog I was reminded how far we’ve come with gun ergonomics, and how much ergonomics change...

Rigarmi .25 Auto

I blame my late friend Pete Dickey for my addiction to cheap auto pistols and break-open revolvers. If these are so-called “Saturday Night Specials,”...

Gas Clown

With all of the insane clown stupidness going on lately, I thought it topical to share this image. It’s not some pervert or idiotic...