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One of the reasons the Germans lost is because of the way they name things with compound nouns. An American would say “Throw a grenade!,” while a German had to say “Throw a Zeitzunderleichthandgrante!” Left to right are a Rohrhandgranate, Type 1 Kugelrohrhandgranate and a Zeitzunderleichthandgrante.

Grenades fascinate me because it’s the technological advancement of going from throwing a rock and hitting your enemy, to hitting your enemy with a rock that explodes—and you don’t even have to hit them for it to be effective. They’re also pretty savage, and I don’t take the harm they have done to servicemen and women lightly.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the WW I museum in Kansas City where there is a really great display of early hand grenades. They had grenades in much earlier wars, of course, but WWI is where their use really came of age. They were pretty damn useful in trench warfare, and there was even a nighttime grenade battle July 26-27, 1916 on the Pozières Heights where, over a period of more than 12 hours, Australians and British exchanged grenades with Germans. Many types of grenades were reportedly thrown that night and to give you some idea of how many, I’ve read where the Allies threw 15,000 Mills bomb grenades alone and that soldiers who weren’t killed collapsed from exhaustion caused by throwing.



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