Suppressor Alignment

Through its S.I.D. kiosks, Silencer Shop has made buying a suppressor as easy as ordering a hamburger at a fast food restaurant. Once you have your suppressor, one thing you want to make sure of when you mount it is that it’s properly aligned.  If not, you can have a bullet/baffle strike.

Remove the bolt and clean the bore, then push the suppressor alignment rod in from the chamber end.

Fortunately, checking alignment is simple.

It’s not the most sexy looking tool in the armory, but a suppressor alignment rod is very important when first mounting a suppressor.

Remove the bolt carrier group and charging handle, then clean the bore. Take the appropriate diameter suppressor alignment rod and simply slide it down the bore from the chamber end until it just sticks out from the muzzle of the suppressor. The small gap between the alignment rod and the muzzle should be concentric all the way around.

Let gravity slide the rod down the bore until it just protrudes from the suppressor’s muzzle. Check to make sure the gap around the rod is concentric.

You cannot use just any old rod, such as your cleaning rod. Alignment gauges are precision ground and checked for straightness. If your suppressor doesn’t align, then you need to take everything to a gunsmith who may be able to reface the shoulder of the barrel. If your bore is off-center though, you’re probably screwed.

This YHM Nitro 30 suppressor is so modular it suppresses gun up to .300 Ultra Mag., is full auto rated, and fits threaded or QD-style muzzles.



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