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The White House Spied on Trump. Period.

The Obama administration did spy on Donald Trump under the guise of the national security state. We are starting at the precipice of a major Constitutional crisis.

Consider something that is being skipped over by the media outlets today. Turns out…Trump’s tweet was correct. He WAS being spied on by the previous administration. That’s what started this whole mess. Remember?

Everyone now admits it, but it was, “incidental collection”.

Everyone admits Trump people were illegally unmasked, but since we don’t know by who exactly it’s, “Incidental”.

Everyone admits anti-Trump people in government leaked the unmasked information and sensitive info about data collection to hurt Trump, but leaks are, “Incidental”.

Everyone admits there is no actual evidence coordinating the Trump organization with Russian intelligence so there is no need to, “investigate” how this data moved around the government.

Irony: We have never seen the missing 33,000 emails from Hillary’s server. But we are pretty sure Russia and China have. But Trump is, “compromised”. That is media fantasy.

Trump NSC personnel gave sensitive information / proof about the spying on Trump to the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee…which…that Chairman is allowed to actually have…but there needs to be an, “investigation” of this despite the fact the Chairman has the exact security clearance to have the information and is Constitutionally supposed to have it.

Meanwhile…the Democrat Co-Chair of the same committee has been running around DC for months (Pencil-neck Schiff) telling everyone on background that Trump is dirty but has zero proof.

Pencil-Neck himself. Rep. Adam Schiff who is co-chair of the House Intelligence committee. He’s been running his mouth for months saying Trump is dirty. Off the record. But when asked for proof, he gives the ole wink-and-a-nodd, “I’m a secret agent man. I could tell ya, but I’d have to kill ya” baloney. So his co-chair Rep. Nunes marched over to the White House National Security Council offices and apparently found information that backs Trump’s tweet.

Cherry on top: The Obama White House took all this surveillance that is super-secret and sensitive since it reveals sources and methods, lowered classification on it, and spread it all around the bureaucracy in hopes it would leak. Slandering Trump.

Confused yet? Let me clear it up.

The Obama administration did spy on Donald Trump under the guise of the national security state. We are staring at the precipice of a full-blown Constitutional crisis.

Trump tweeted Obama spied on him and that Obama was a bad guy. Turns out that information is correct and the Obama White House did spy on Trump.

Trump was right. Trump wins again. And they are moving the goal post trying to take that win away.

Drain the swamp.



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