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2022 – Shooting The eXperior More

9mm Wilson Experior 1911
2022 - Shooting The Wilson eXperior more. EXPERIOR FULL-SIZE

In 2022, I have decided I need to shoot the Wilson eXperior 9mm 1911 more. It’s a traditional single stack gun. 

For those who don’t know the story, I didn’t think a gun like this would work well. Wilson offered to send one over, “just to see” and well the rest is history. 

But there is a problem. The X9L is my main CCW and shooting gun. Why? 18+1 for starters. So the eXperior gets ignored somewhat. How much? After shooting it today, logged round count is exactly 1215 rounds in 16 months. That ain’t squat. 

So here’s what I am going to do. Tonight I got online and ordered a dedicated holster system and mag carrier for the gun. I will keep all of that in the truck, ready to go at all times. I also ordered some different sets of loops / clips so the gun can be worn by anybody with different belts. 

I figure by the end of 2022, we’ll have 5000 rounds through the eXperior. Maybe I’ll start shooting single stack friendly drills on video for all of our 1911 viewers. These drills having round counts of either 8 or 10 max. 

Stay tuned. 






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