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HK P7 Long Slide – Record Sale Price?

HK P7 Squeeze Cocker Long Slide
HK P7M13 Long Slide

Saw this pistol pop up on Gunbroker. Never ever have I seen a long slide squeeze cocker, so we had to watch it. I easily could see it being 12k. And soon enough it went to $15,000. 

Came back a few days later and it was a few hours short of closing at $20,000. 

Wow. Good for the seller and the buyer, I thought. I’ll post about it in a few days. Well….just went back to see what the final selling price was for this article? And shock of shocks….it went for $30,000!!!

30 grand for an HK staple gun. Or more accurately according to the listing a,“HK P7M13, Hard Chrome, Long Slide”. 

That works out to exactly $1153.85 per letter. 

Holy shit, Dog. Is that a record?





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