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I had asked Matt to give us an analysis of the viability of buying this. He waved us off. —Editor

This auction is for a RARE NICE, USED DEWATTED Armalite AR-180 rifle with the side folding buttstock, chambered in 5.56mm. The rifle has been dewatted by machining a slot thru the barrel and into the bore and by drilling a hole through the chamber and then welding a pin into it so that it cannot chamber a round. See pic #20. The trunnion is also welded to the receiver (pics #21 thru #27). 

I don’t know about that 180!  Looks like another over achiever did the “DEWATTING”.   I’m sure we could come up with a barrel but my biggest concerns are the welds.  

Look at the welds near the chamber lugs.  The welds look like they go over the chamber lugs which would cause a huge mess because there are not supposed to be any welds there!  

The trunnion should be welded from the sides so I think the welds were put there to block the bolt from locking up.  Or prevent the receiver from being used easily in the future.

It’s not the only fish in the pond.






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