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Beals-Remington 1858 Army Model Revolver

1858 Remington-Beals Army Revolver
1858 Remington-Beals Army Revolver

The Beals-Remington Revolver was produced between 1861 and 1862. They made approximately 1900 in the Army configuration of 8 inch barrel and .44 caliber. 

The large frame revolver pictured has a serial number of 166 and is in very good condition. I would say it’s an early model; but since the Beals model was only produced for about a year before Remington took over full production, I would have to say they all are early models.  

This is indeed a rare find in this condition. While it may not be mint, it is in very good condition and is in perfect working condition.

The second revolver pictured is a Spanish reproduction 1858 made by E.N. Santa Barbara. My research of the proof codes shows this revolver was manufactured around 1973 or 1974. This reproduction brings up a good point, even though it won’t pass as an original; which is pushing 160 years old at this point. There are a lot of reproductions that are 50 plus years old and they are becoming very collectable in their own circles.





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