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Spanish Civil War American Made Mosin Mexicanski

Editor’s note: We recently had a reader inquire if we could authenticate a Spanish Civil War Mosin Nagant rifle. Also knowns as a “Mexicanski”. Here is Freeze’s communication, printed with permission from the owner. —editor.

J.B from Indiana:
Freeze, I recently acquired a Spanish Civil War Mosin Nagant, a New England Westinghouse. Upon closer inspection, it has 6 US Surcharge stamps that I can see. I’ve been told this could be one of the ones that made it’s way through Mexico and later to Spain in 1936. I’m curious how to definitely prove or disprove this theory, and how many of these guns still exist? I’ve been told there are only a handful known to exist. Any help wound be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Send over come pics and please make sure to include all markings.

J.B. from Indiana:
Here is a picture of the complete rifle, receiver & the MP8 cartouche.  If you need anymore I can provide them.

OK, this is indeed a Spanish CW Mosin. The MP8 stamp is obviously a Spanish mark and that’s good. The home made cleaning rod and the wire sling swivels is also an indicator. The rough condition also fits. All in all a VERY NICE RARE example of a US made SCW Mosin M91.

The story is these were sold to Mexico by the US and then sent to Spain much like a lot of other rifles. There is no real proof of this but 1st hand accounts from US expats seem to confirm this. I could be wrong on the numbers (it’s been awhile since I have been active with Mosin collectors) but the last time these came up there were less than 50 known SCW rifles that made it back into the US. That number could be higher now but its still a rare bird.

This example is rough and I have seen better but just having one is HUGE prize to the Mosin collector. It’s one of those holes you hope to fill but know that you won’t. To the right collector it’s a pretty valuable rifle….Great score.

J.B. from Indiana:
Yeah! I gotta say I’m pretty stoked about this!!!  I never get lucky enough to find something like this.  All I was looking for was a Spanish Civil War Mosin; I wind up with a rare piece of history!!!
I’m more of a World War II collector, but since the Spanish Civil War was a dress rehearsal for World War II I kinda felt the need for one.

I really have no problem with you posting pictures on the blog.  Might be interesting seeing some of the conversations.




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