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M1905 Mk II Ross Rifle Refurb Complete

US Marked - M1905 Mk II Ross Rifle Refurb Complete

We picked up a Ross rifle for the armory. We needed something in British 303 and the Canadian Ross came our way. The rifle is in really great shape but had a few stock issues. Upon inspection, I found 3 cracks in the stock. One was structural, the second was iffy, and the third was cosmetic. The metal is in fantastic shape with the correct patina for its age and has no rust or pitting. So, what we have is a rifle that needs minor TLC.

I started out by cleaning the stock up. I went over it gently with alcohol and a soft cotton cloth. I didn’t want to use anything harsh on the finish. I then gently spread the cracks open to allow the AC glue flow into the crack. I clamped it up and hit it with some accelerator to speed up the drying time.

Since the cracks were not major they didn’t need any type of drastic repair. It was a simple fix and not very noticeable. Marky did request that the repairs be noticeable and that the cracks had been repaired. So I did apply a blob of Gap Filling glue to the side repair just to make it obvious. Not very pretty but it lets everyone know its been worked on.

The last thing I did before reassembly was to go over the stock with 2 coats of boiled linseed oil. The wood was dry and needed a fresh coat to restore the original look of the rifle.



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