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MAS-38 Parts Kit Analysis 

French MAS-38 Submachine Gun.

So…I have been looking for a MAS-38 for sometime. Every once in a while I think about just building one. Here is Matt and I corresponding on the numbers. —Marky

MAS-38 Parts Kit. Right side.

Marky: I know this looks bad. But I’ve seen a semi-auto conversion done. Do-able? 

Matt H.: Torch cuts are pretty rough! I’m sure I could make it work but it would take a lot of time. Cleaning the torch cuts alone would take a day, and a lot of filler pieces would have to be made to weld it up.

MAS-38 Parts kit. Up-close view of the torch cuts.

I hate to say it but this would be one of those jobs that we really don’t know what the HELL we are getting into until the torch cuts are cleaned up.  

Once clean it may be a piece of cake or the direct opposite!  Bad thing about the opposite is that it’s time and money to get a NO answer.

The other parts look okay but there are no direct pics of the barrel. Did I over look something about the barrel??  If that barrel is a turd; we would have to find or make a barrel. Which is another added $$.

Marky: We have another barrel source if need be.

Matt H. It would be a gamble for you!  I’m thinking I could make it work but again that could completely change after the cuts are cleaned up.

To clean the receiver up to see what we are working with would take at least a day or 8hrs.  Let’s just say $500 [in labor]. [The] Kit I think I saw [was] $500.

So no matter what, you’re $1000 into it, and you’re not guaranteed a working gun.

My optimism is 75%. With the other 25 being it may not work





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