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New York State Contract Rifle

New York State Contract Rifle
The New York State Contract Rifle. Remington Rolling Block. 50-70.

Remington made over 1 million Rolling Block rifles for domestic and foreign use in a number of calibers. 

This particular rifle was contracted by the state of New York. In 1870 the governor of NY ordered 15,000 rifles for the state militia. These are chambered in 50-70 and were marked on the hammer spur and breach face with a checkered shield. 

Another unique feature is the half-cock safety. When the breach face is opened, the cocked hammer moves to half-cock. So before the rifle can be fired, the shooter must pull  the hammer to full-cock. 

This allows the shooter to safely carry a loaded rifle without having to manually release the hammer to half cock. An interesting take on rifle safety. 






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