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Sig Pe57 (510-4) Parts Kit Analysis

SIG PE57 / SIG 510-4

A functional 510-4 can go for 6k plus so it’s definitely worth considering.

My biggest concern is that the receiver was already de-milled repaired/welded then de-milled again.  The initial repairs to the receiver look pretty robust so I’m not sure how close we can make it look with these big repaired sections.  We would want it to look like a 510-4, not a welded bread box with a 510 barrel and stock. 

Since it’s been rebuilt we may not know what we’re getting into fully until we get our hands on it.

If the existing receiver can’t be rebuilt we could possibly make a new receiver.  The receiver is basically a rectangular stamping with welded in trunnions.  The new stamping may not be an exact match to the original though.  Like the big welded bread box, it may not be as valuable.

SIG PE57 Parts Kit SIG 510-4

I hate to say it again, but we would need to get this kit on the bench to find out what it’s going to take.  If I’m not mistaken, this kit has been on the market on and off for a while.

If we can’t do anything with it (which I’m sure we could), can we get rid of it and break even; or turn a small profit.

SIG PE-57 Upclose

Lot of ifs in there!!!  I would also feel better if I could see or use another rifle for a reference.  Problem is that not many people in the states have working knowledge or examples when it comes to the 510.

SIG PE57 / SIG 510-4

If we build this thing my biggest fear is that we would have a 4K rifle that’s only worth $1700 in parts because the receiver is not exact??






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