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Years ago I purchased a large box of straps, buckles and clips. If I recall correctly they were Swedish Military. Over the last decade I have used, sold and given away a lot of it; but like most things, there is always a bunch of junk laying around in boxes. 

The other day I ran across a box with a bundle of clips inside.  I thought to myself, 

“I’m not really sure what these were used for but they look a lot like the clip on a sling”. 

So my mind started turning and I recalled a box I moved last week that was filled with nylon straps and harness that you get when you buy deer stands. Dug out the box and found a strap that would work. 

I spray painted one of the clips black and I basically turned some bits and pieces of spare parts into a very usable single point sling for the new AR Pistol build.







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