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1858 Remington Gunsmith Conversion.

1858 Gunsmith Conversion

When revolvers transitioned from percussion to center-fire,  this was handled two ways: factory conversions and local gunsmith conversions.  Here are some examples of local gunsmith conversions...
Remington 1875 Factory Blem?

Remington 1875 Factory Blem?

Long story very short. We are not 100% sure what we are looking at here. Is the variation shown in these revolvers normal or...
Firing 1891 Rolling Block Pistol

Firing the 1891 Rolling Block Pistol

It’s unusual to be able to actually shoot some antique firearms, but being that this is a rolling block pistol in 22 RF; and...
Remington Smoot. Remington New Model 1, 2, 3, 4.

Remington Smoot New Model Revolver

The Remington Smoot New Model line started in 1875 with the model 1 and finally ended in 1888 with the model 4. The model 1...
Thumb - Remington Iroquois Revolver

Remington Iroquois revolver

The Remington Iroquois revolver is the smallest in the Remington line. It's a little 7 shot 22 rimfire, and was introduced to compete with...
Remington New Police

Remington New Police

Remington New Police revolver in .36 caliber percussion and 38 caliber short; rimfire factory conversions. There have been approximately 25,000 of these made and to...