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Tenicor Holster

Certum3 Holster
Tenicor with Staccato/ STi gun

Editor’s note:

Officer Mike is trying out a Tenicor holster system. Seems like a decent design. The clips used are VERY tough to remove. A good thing. Shown is his duty 2011 and my EDC X9L. The X9L doesn’t completely seat in this example since it’s a 5” gun. But it’s obvious a 5” Tenicor holster system would receive the X9L perfectly. —Editor 

Model shown:  CERTUM3 HOLSTER FOR 2011/1911

Tenicor's Holster Wear policy
I appreciate this note. They ship it with their holsters. Kydex holsters are for working guns. Not gun collectors. You have been warned.


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