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The Sling Swivel Jig

Sling Swivel Jig and tools needed.

One of the most useful items on a rifle is the sling. Today most rifles do come with sling swivel studs and that makes life a lot easier. On the occasion that you pick up a rifle that does not have them, you have three choices. First, you go without a sling (which sucks in most cases). Second, you pay to have a gunsmith do the installation; which is costly and also can suck. And third, you do the install yourself. Most guys out there have a drill and can drill a hole. But the last thing you want to do is drill a crooked hole; or heaven forbid, an off-center hole.

If you’re real handy and have the proper tools you can get by. But those who are not as handy in the DIY department can pick up a nifty item called a sling swivel jig. The one pictured is made by B-Square but there are several on the market ranging in price. The benefit of having a jig is you get proper placement of the stud on the stock, as well and a centered hole.

Installation of sling swivel studs is not rocket science. But having a jig can make life a bit easier; and guarantee that you don’t drill the hole in the wrong spot. That alone makes this tool worth having.

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