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Upside Down Gas Block

Here is how the Gas Block should be installed. But someone needed 1913 rails at 9 o'clock! So….

I had an AR build come across the workbench. The owner bought it from the guy who built it. I’m not sure when it was built but apparently it didn’t run. 

The rifle as I received it. Notice the bi-pod. We’ll come back to this later.

Upon first inspection I easily found that the buffer retention pin was missing. The first fix on this rifle is installing the missing pin.

After installing the buffer retention spring and pin I went to work inspecting the rifle. After a quick glance at the BCG just to make sure that was in order, I went to the inspect the gas block. 

In the picture you will notice the bi-pod mounted to a rail on the bottom of the gas block. It took all of a couple seconds to realize that the rail should have been on top of the gas block.

Someone had decided to rotate the gas block 180 degrees so the bi-pod would work. The only problem with that is, by doing so they turned their AR into a single shot rifle. 

Here is how the Gas Block should be installed. But someone needed 1913 rails at 9 o’clock! So….

I removed the gas block and hand guard to make sure the gas tube wasn’t damaged since it got a bit twisted during the rotation. 

When everything checked out. I reassembled the rifle properly and test fired it. 

All done and runs great.

No more issues.

The buffer and spring don’t pop out when you break it down and the rifle runs like it should. It turns out this was just a rookie mistake by someone not familiar with how a DI system works. All in all a super easy fix.





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