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Yugo K98 Mauser ReHab

No cracks in wood.

A while back we picked up a Yugoslavian K98 Mauser. It’s been collecting dust in the armory for awhile. Well since the weather is clearing up and shooting season is upon us, I thought I would drag it out and clean it up.   In this article are pictures of the rifle as we received it as well as the initial disassembly. I’m breaking it down to clean it up and make it look pretty.

On first inspection, its not a bad looking rifle: dirty as all hell and coated in cosmoline. But overall I do believe it will clean up well. To give a little background on this rifle, it started out life as a German Mauser K98k and was either left or captured by partizans. After the war these rifles were sent to the Zastava factory and refurbished. They were scrubbed of all the Nazi marking (well most of them anyway) and reissued as the Model 98. After I broke this rifle down, I noticed that there are a few small waffenaumpts or “stick eagles” located on the rear sight blade, follower, and 1 screw head. I am hoping once I remove all the crud a few more will pop out. Either way, this is looking like a really nice shooter.

My next installment will be after the cleanup and inspection of all the parts.






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