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1.98 Second Bill Drill

Wilson EDC X9L 1.98 second Bill Drill
1.98sec Bill Drill

1.98 Second Bill Drill

So while the Amish guys are building the “barn”, I snuck away for a few minutes to shoot in the pit. Didn’t have a camera setup, but my second or third Bill Drill run was 1.98 seconds. 

Wilson EDC X9L 1.98 second Bill Drill
All the times and splits for all 6 shots. You can see my first shot wasn’t crazy fast.

After I shot, it seemed pretty fast. But I didn’t remember what the proficiency standard was. Turns out it’s 2 seconds or less. So I just barely squeaked by. 

But what’s interesting is I felt very loose when shooting today. Way looser than normal. Not sure if it’s because I haven’t worked out in 5 months (yes, really) or if maybe I wasn’t stressed since nobody was watching or filming. 

All I know is something was different and I need to try to find that feeling again. Hmmmm….

Bill Drill: 

  • -From the draw. 
  • -6 shots. 
  • -7 yards. 
  • -A-zone Hits. 
  • -2 seconds or less. 





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