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14 Degree Snow Day

14 Degree Snow Day. CMMG 22 conversion kit.

So we finally had a blast of cold weather come through the range. Considering it’s been the third wettest year on record, having stuff frozen solid is a nice change.

I found this kit poking around the armory a few days ago. It’s a 22 caliber AR conversion insert. Unfired. I acquired at SHOT show years ago. As in 9 years ago! 

Today is as good a day as any to see how it works? Honestly it was a lot of fun. Until it started having issues.

The maker of the kit reached out and wanted to let me know they had redesigned the entire system five or six years ago. They also have, to my understanding, sent us a replacement system at no cost.

Since they reached out to me unsolicited, I’ve decided to only include the fun parts of the day. And when the new kit arrives, I’ll give it a fair and objective chance. 

I’ve never payed attention to 22 conversions in rifles before. But the “fun part” was so fun, I’m secretly hoping to be a convert. 






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