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1891 Carcano Brass Clips

1891 Carcano rifle
1891 Carcano Rifle.

Follow on video for the 1891 Carcano rifle we have in the reference collection. The rifle is rough but serviceable. Which is about all one can really hope for when dealing with a 100+ year old MILSURP.

The last round showed some issues with steel en-bloc clips. My hope was to find some original Italian Army steel or brass clips to see if it could ameliorate the problem. 

Unfortunately, the listing that was selling “original brass clips” was instead selling reproduction brass clips. The result? The same problem, if not even a hair worse, and I still don’t know if original clips make a difference. 

At this point, we are going to clean up the rifle. Work on the chamber a little bit, then rack it away in The Armory. 1891 Carcano project is done. 






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