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1891 Carcano Rifle – First Shots

1891 Carcano Rifle
1891 Carcano Rifle. First Shots.

So…we have been focusing very heavy on the performance and precision side of the armory. But many of our newer viewers may not be aware that we maintain a very large reference collection. Especially MILSURP weapons. 

What we have here is an Italian 1891 Carcano rifle. Most of you are probably familiar with the carbine variant. This video is first shots, safety and function testing. A couple of highlights:

  • This is a sample size of one. 
  • This rifle is over 100 years old, so condition is not guaranteed. 
  • Yes, you can seriously jam up a bolt action rifle. 
  • Admittedly I have not gone through WWI, Italian infantry training. 
  • It’s a unique rifle, and we are glad to have it. 
  • But 5 minutes with this thing, and it’s clear the Mauser is head and shoulders better than this gun. 






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