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1911 Control Surfaces

Wilson eXperior TRAK pattern
1911 Control Surfaces

1911 Control Surfaces

Had some questions about the Wilson eXperior from Vatey. This particular video address just one of them. 

What do I think of the grip pattern, texture and slide serrations on the eXperior? And do I think it superior to traditional 1911 checkering and serrations? 

In a word: Yes. The Wilson TRAK pattern is superior. First, It locks in the hand just as good, if not better then checkering. Second it functions aggressively but doesn’t tear up your hands under prolonged extended shooting sessions. And finally, it is way more durable than filed checkering. The reason being all those sharp little points in traditional checkering are highly susceptible to individual damage. Either from being dropped, banged up against something or even something as benign as wedding or class rings.  

Now for my personal feelings. I always thought hand checking on custom 1911s was stupid, a waste of money and your gunsmith’s elbows. Why pay extra for, what is essentially, straight lines; when a machine can do it better, faster and cheaper? 

Things change. Time marches on. And old dogs learn new tricks. If you are buying a Wilson 1911, look long and hard at their X-Tac or TRAK grip patterns. 

I will never select straight checkering again. These patterns ARE THE upgrade. 






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