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1911 Drill – Belt-Line Reloads

1911 Drill - Belt-Libe Reloads.
1911 Drill - Belt-Libe Reloads.

Have purchased a new 1911 single stack holster and mag carrier. Both are for AIWB use. 

Our regulars know I have been reloading out of my left pocket for about 10 years so drawing from a formalized mag carrier warrants some work. 

While shooting the 2-2-2 drills, I had some partially loaded magazines left over. So what a great excuse to “empty” those mags and work on drawing a reload from the belt-line. 

Generally things went pretty good. No major party fouls. Started kind of slow and then turned up the gas a little bit. I mean…relatively. Fundamentals are fundamentals. They translate easily across gross motor skill sets. 

Pistol: Wilson Experior 9mm – Single Stack. 

Holster: JM Custom Kydex AIWB.






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