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2019 Xmas Gifts The Armory
Fix-it-sticks and 308 155g Handloads.

So…people always share, and eventually ask us,”So…what did you get for Christmas?”. 

Confession: I love Christmas, but I don’t generally give or receive gifts. However it has become tradition in the office that “something” must be gifted. But nobody ever knows what to buy me. 

So…every December I get the off-the-record request of, “What do you want?” And this year I was ready! Nothing too expensive. Nothing too large. And something I actually wanted: Fix-it-Sticks. 

In short a small torque wrench set that is geared towards the most common firearm settings and screw types. Additionally, Doc loaded some 55g 308 I wanted to re-test. So he was kind enough to put a red bow on the bag. 

Nice touch, Doc. 

Hope all of you and yours had a very Merry Christmas. 






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