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22LR Luger By Erma

22LR Luger by Erma 01
22LR Luger by Erma. Cody Firearms Museum.

While visiting the Cody Firearms Museum (CFM), taking a gander at the Lugers is always a must. Now I admit I am not the biggest Luger fan personally. Makes, variations, markings, finishes? Meh. Not my bag. 

We actually have a Luger, but it is in 9mm. Why? Because that’s a caliber we support. But…

There seems to be a German Luger in another popular caliber we carry: 22LR. 

Who Knew?! 

Well…I’m sure many of you already did. But I didn’t.

Does this mean we will try to acquire one? Likely not. I can’t imagine the dollar vs 22LR calculus will make any economic sense. However knowledge is power. Now I know they exist and could be quality. Maybe? I mean…they are German, right? So a sudden deal won’t get by me.






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