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44 Magnum Revolver Backup Pig Hunting

Not all backup guns are pocket rockets. Like they say, the right tool for the job. And a J-farme snub defiantly doesn’t rate in this article. This is a 44 magnum revolver a fellow hunter was toting around as his BUG while looking for “Hogzilla”.

He must have been clairvoyant. Because two days later, we all had to go into the brush looking for a 300+ pound, pissed off, wounded boar. Crawling on your belly in brush so thick that you only get 3 feet of warning before a giant pig rips your face off. In the dark. Is a special kind of suck-fest I don’t want to repeat.

So when choosing a secondary weapon for pig hunting, my favorite make and model is the one that is “More-Better” than the gun in hand.

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